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The Reconciliation Foundation is finally officially dissolved after a controversy. The Foundation was created, in a Japanese military sexual slavery agreement between Korea and Japan government and the year after two years four months. Moon Jae-in president last September, Japanese Prime Minister Abe met the Foundation are not function in about two months, said that he and the official dissolution of the announcement. With Japan protesting against the Korean government's announcement, the Korea-Japan relationship is expected to take a rough road for the time being.
The reconciliation and healing foundation has been suspended for nearly a year.

Nevertheless, the official dissolution is a foundation, a Japanese military sexual slavery is not to disperse the annulment by The process has been extended to persuade not in Japan.

Eventually, Moon Jae-in in September met Japanese Prime Minister Abe and in fact the president dissolved today and said (21) officially announced the dissolution of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

The Ministry of Gender Equality 경마장 and Family has chosen to cancel the foundation because the foundation itself cannot go through the process.

However, there are many mountains to go until the final childbirth.
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