President Moon's third press conference

Moon Jae-in, his last year in New Zealand president is "domestic problem is not questioned." high to controversy has come at a briefing. 

At a news conference on a plane bound for New Zealand, Cheong Wa Dae initially limited the number of questions to five, but announced that it would not impose any restrictions on the field. Moon Jae-in, however, question and answer the president " I don't know how the promise in advance just before the inquiry to domestic issues concerning diplomacy, saying he will not be What do you.I know I can answer any question " 

Mr. Moon will not be questioned even briefly on three domestic issues, including three questions on social cooperation organizations such as Gwangju-style jobs and one on President Moon`s social networking site. I want you to concentrate on foreign affairs." 

Opposition parties criticized President Moon's press conference. The Liberty Korea Party has raised criticism that it is a half-way press conference, and Sohn Hak-kyu, chairman of the right Future Party, also said during a press conference that he did not answer domestic questions. 

In his remarks before questions and answers, President Moon said, "While we are more concerned about the summit, we have less interest in the multilateral meeting itself. 

You can check out the scene from the entire press conference, which limited questions to diplomatic issues. 

The following is the entire recording.

Mr. Moon: New Zealand is left. But this year's last trip, almost finished. Great job everyone. It's always hard to travel abroad, but this trip to Argentina is so far away, the seasons are changing, and it's especially hard. I'm sure you've had a hard time. Let me remind you that everyone did a great job. 

In general, our media seems to care a lot about multilateral meetings, these individual summits, but they seem to be 스포츠토토추천 relatively less concerned about multilateralism itself. Of course, multilateral meetings deal with such global issues, because they are such a global world and we are heavily dependent on the external economy that every single one of these global issues affects our economy. And now that we are a middle-class country with considerable economic power, we have a much higher role in the multilateral conference and in fact our status in the multilateral conference has been very high.

If we look at the common agendas of multilateral meetings this year, we have open-ended growth, or sustainable development, or people-centered response to climate change, and fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation, or the future of labor that, or global financial instability. So we can see that our problem is the world's problem. So please be more interested in multilateral meetings. 

Moreover, it is a very important diplomatic forum for us because we need international support for this process of complete denuclearization and establishment of a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula. 

In particular, the process of completely denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula has led the process so that it can be achieved in a peaceful manner through dialogue, and the creation of a peaceful method in this way is a very important achievement we have achieved. So I would like you to pay more attention to multilateral meetings.
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