GG Candidate Announcement

Doosan Bears and LG Twins both ranked first and eighth in the regular season, but also had the largest number of players on the Golden Glove list among 13 of them.

The KBO announced the list of 97 candidates for the 2018 Shinhan Bank (KBO) Golden Glove. The number of candidates has increased by 12 from 85 last year to the highest ever since changing the criteria for defense in the position. 

The catcher and the Beast will be nominated for all players who have defense in 720 innings, and the designated hitter will only be allowed to run if he enters the designated hitter with at least 2/3 of the batsmen. The 1st ranked individual in the regular season will automatically be registered as a candidate for the position regardless of qualification requirements.

The two teams that produced 사설토토사이트 candidates from all sectors are Doosan and Kia. Doosan only had five players from pitchers' positions: Josh Lindblum, Yoo Hee-kwan, Lee Young-ha, Lee Yong-chan, Seas Huanqkov, catcher Yang-ji, first baseman Oh Jae-il and second baseman. Kim Jae-hwan and Park Gun-woo were registered as candidates for the designated hitter category.

KIA was listed as pitcher Yang Hyun-jong, Hector Noesi, catcher Kim Min-sik, designated hitter Na Ji-wan, first baseman Kim Joo-chan, second baseman Ahn Chi-hong, and third baseman Lee Bum-star.

Although LG failed to produce all of its 13 candidates for first base, out of the four pitchers - Henry Sosa, Tyler Wilson, Lim Chan-gyu, Cha Woo-chan, Park Yong-taek, and Kim Hyun-soo.

Only 10 owners of the Golden Glove. 스포츠토토 Last year, Kia had the largest number of candidates with 11 and nearly half of them won. Doosan has produced 10 candidates, but there are no awards. LG won the designated hitter category by Park Yong-taek. This year, which of the 100 candidates will receive the honor of gold gloves, the main character will be hidden at the awards ceremony on the 10th.
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